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1. What is the benefit of using all-natural products?

Glad you asked! The answer is simple, it’s one’s natural instinct and desire to strive to use the best possible body products. It is no secret the advantages of all-natural products far outweigh those of any chemically combined product. The bulk of our energy goes into sourcing every ingredient that goes into our products. We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients and we prioritize this above all else – because what goes onto our skin ultimately goes into our body.

Melbees ensures that the final product is pure and delicious for your skin. You can be rest assured knowing that our products contain ingredients that you can not only pronounce, but understand the benefits behind each ingredient. All of our products are made in a kitchen free of: parabens, chemicals, and artificial additives.

We are a small passion-driven team who shares the vision to create healthy body products and to do so with a light footprint on the environment. We are committed to a journey of innovation and progressive nourishment to change the way the world sees and interacts with body products. We are committed to our customers and put them first every time, no questions asked.

2. Are your products really made to order?

Heck yes! Products ordered online are made to order. We strive to provide our customers with the freshest products possible. That said, we're still quick! Orders ship out within 48 hours (excluding Sundays).

3. What is the shelf life expectancy of all-natural products?

Melbees all-natural products do not contain any chemical preservatives, or additives to enhance the shelf life; Melbees products if kept refrigerated can have a shelf life of 4-6 months. Any Melbees products that are not kept refrigerated can expect to have a shelf life of 8-12 weeks. We do not recommend refrigerating our products, as it can have a negative impact on our mixture.

It should be noted that the shelf life for any of Melbees all-natural products can be greatly shortened if exposed or contaminated with foreign substances or water – all precautions must be taken to ensure that the full potential shelf life can be ascertained.

Many of Melbees all-natural products are supplied with either a spoon or a sea shell which will act as a foundation for avoiding foreign substances or water entering products as well as offering an aesthetic appeal.

The ambient temperature has a great impact on Melbees all-natural products. Due to the fact that there are no additives, artificial ingredients, or chemical preservatives, various ingredients react and separate as well as liquify or solidify. Therefore, counter measures or actions can be taken to withstand or overcome natural reactions. We include instructions with each shipment to improve the life of your product.

How do your products keep if you guys don't use chemical preservatives?

Many of our ingredients act as stand in preservatives. We find that they are effective for our products. Remember our products are made to order, and do not sit on store shelves for months at a time. Our products are meant to be enjoyed sooner rather than later – which isn't hard to do! Some of the stand in "preservatives" we use include jojoba oil, rosemary extract, elderberry extract, aspen bark extract, & essential oils. You can click HERE to read more about our ingredients.

4. How are your products tested?

Our products are not lab tested, and they are certainly not animal tested. We have many, many people test each of our products (friends, employees, co-workers and family). Our testers skin ranges significantly from oily, acne prone, super dry, super sensitive, even eczema. Please note that we name our products appropriately – e.g. we do not recommend using our foot scrubs on your face.

We test each of our product's recipes with testing kits to ensure that they keep over time.

As our products have not been medically lab tested, we make NO claims as to the effectiveness of our products in the treatment of various skin conditions. We do however, have our own testimonials, and gather information from our friends and customers as to our products effectiveness and share their experiences with you.

*Our products are not FDA approved.

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